Thursday, April 15, 2010


I’m counting the days..but not only for my wedding day but my last day in Venture.. I already tendered my resignation end of March with 2 months notice..hurmmm, not really 2 months since I have many Annual Leave to cover it. So, I will on leave for the whole month of May….Weehooo….it is time for cuti2 malaysia:)

But..before my ends, I will do my utmost to finish the outstanding projects/evaluation for a smooth hands over….actually, not much things to do since my products quite stable and only to touch up a bit to make sure it smooth sailing…no workmanship issue, less failure, no pending QCAR, etc…..

Times goes very fast…and it has been almost 4 years working in Venture. I gained a lot of knowledge, guidance, support and friendship here. All the happy moments shared, all the fire-fighting’ that been gone through and all the moments that I wouldn’t be able to list out over here will always stays with me. All my colleague are very supportive and I am really happy with this environment of work. Always be remembered.

Actually, I feel sad to leave this company since I have a lot of unforgettable memories here. However, having considering various factors, I decided this is the best option for me to move onto new opportunities and challenges. And…..not to be apart from my hubby…ngeh ngeh ngeh…..

Hoping that my future will be brighter than this…rise & shine…myaini


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  2. selamat dan selamat buat aini..kad dah dapat..lupa nak gtau..budak darah manis..sila jaga diri..huhu..

  3. ok pn akan jage diri baik2:)


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