Friday, April 23, 2010


It’s almost a month we bought at Courts and still pending delivery. We paid everything in cash and instructed for the goods to be sent to my home. We paid the delivery charges, was given an invoice and delivery slip and told that it would arrive within 2 day or worst case is 1 week.

And on the 31st, they called to send me the mattress first and subsequently will be send the bed set. We just waited for their call but there is no feedback. It’s been 3 weeks and no delivery? The store is not even 15 minutes away from our house!

So I called the person who entertained us when we bought the good. When I called that number, the person told me that she will follow up all my goods and why I did not received it yet. Then, i called up again to get the feedback. And again she said she will call again. Luckily in 2 hours time she called me and said that the delivery will be on 17 April 2010. We received it around 5.30pn on the 17th April. But me and husband totally mad since they just sending us the FOC things ONLY….which is 2 pillows, 1 bolster, 1 mattress protector . We waited for so long but we just getting these???where’s our bedroom set? Then, I give up. Let my husband called the person. Round and round we go. She said they supposing send us the bedroom set with all the FOC things the she said “Kurang Asam la, Kenapa dia orang hanta benda tu dulu., sepatutnya set bilik tido dan ada banyak lagi stok kat gudang”. What kind of statement was that? They supposing cannot talk like that in front of the customer even their fault. But we have prove which is the invoice on what goods that we received. Then she said she will investigate. Ok, we always be patient but there is a limits. We spend a lots of credits to call court instead they call us back eventhough they promise to call back…

On 21 April 2010, I called her again. On the same time my husband called courts Mammoth HQ to know the status. Haih, the same answer we received. They will feedback. How many times to feedback??When my husband called, they said that the bedroom set already out for delivery. OMG, but we haven’t received any delivery on the bedroom set. Pity of us:(.

On 22 April 2010., I just drop a message to her to ask the status of the delivery. A.G.A.I.N….She said she will feedback around 2pm. After waiting, there was still no call. I decided to message again. She stammered and said she needs to check with her manager. She also said that maybe my bedroom set has a problem..ROSAK KOT…Why she needed to do that since I am a legitimate customer and I have paid for the purchase AND the delivery? Why she need her manager’s permission to get the products delivered to me? Why so sudden told me the bedroom set has a problem?It didn’t make sense.

It was not our problem and as far as we are concerned, We want to products to be delivered, period. We should not be held responsible and be inconvenienced for an error that was on Courts part. In fact Courts should bend backwards to try to send the products to me as soon as possible.
Of course there was no calls and no apologies. After discussing with my husband, I surf to their website and wrote a complaint email. If we still not getting the bedroom set by this week, the same email will be forwarded to Malay Mail and FOMCA.

No more Courts Mammoth after this….huh


  1. Setuju..
    Mmg x berapa trust dgn courts mammoth ni pun.

  2. sgt..sib baik dpt tukar brg...kalo x kol memang xtau status...dorg tu xkan kol bgtau pun...haih,geram tul


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